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make learning fun

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The Game

Cosmico is a personalised educational game for children ages 5 to 11. Our engaging and interactive activities adapt to their learning needs, preferences and development.
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Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a private dashboard that gives parents or carers real-time insights into their child’s learning journey. Here, you can see your child’s screen time, progress, curriculum coverage, and compare their performance to the national average.
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Gamified Learning

Children adore games and, just like everybody else, they put more effort into the things they enjoy. That’s why we’ve created a fully gamified educational app: it immerses children in a fantastic adventure that makes learning seamless and fun.
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The National Curriculum

All Cosmico activities are designed by our education specialists and are based on the British primary school curriculum. We want our explorers to feel confident throughout their school journey!

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Tried & Tested

Our mobile app was tested in 26+ schools with 2000 children, where we saw a 20% increase in learning attainment and retention and, most importantly, a 100% increase in smiles and good times.

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Everything we learn about your child (or the Explorer, as we like to call them), will be used exclusively to personalise their gameplay. We will never share their data with a third party and you will always be in full control of your data.

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How to Sign Up

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Step 3 Download
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Step 5 Let your child begin
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Step 6 Log into the Parent Portal to
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Beginner Subscription


  • Unlimited access to our introductory episode
  • Maths, English and Science coverage
  • Unlimited access to the Parent Portal
  • Limited access to the DK library
  • Price: Free


  • Pick one subject or more (English, Maths or Science)
  • Build your own planet
  • Discover your friend's planets
  • Unlimited access to the Parent Portal
  • Full access to the DK library (with English)
  • Price: £3.99 (per subject)


  • All the benefits of the Galactic subscription
  • Multisubject
  • A Cosmico Welcome Pack with a Hubert Burda Magazine
  • Quarterly consultation with a teacher
  • Price: £9.99