We are the
educational game
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Let your child
fall in love
with learning

The Cosmico app is a personalised educational game for children ages 5 to 11 that adapts to their individual learning needs.


Our game is based on the British primary school curriculum. We want your child’s gameplay to translate into academic success.
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One size does not fit all. Our
Artificial Intelligence system
learns about the strengths
and weaknesses of each
child to support them

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We’ve gamified education to make learning fun. Your child will play while inadvertently developing their skills as they embark on a journey to discover the Cosmico Universe.

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Cosmico Now

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A Penguin Random House publishing company for books that explore ideas and nurture curiosity. We want to build a world where learning is easy and fun, so we’ve given our explorers exclusive access to the best DK titles through the game.

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We teamed up with this international media group to bridge the virtual and the physical worlds. To motivate our new explorers, they can pick a magazine to be included in their Cosmico Welcome pack when they subscribe – think Match of the Day, CBeebies, and Girl Talk.